Canvas Is Coming to Moody!

If you haven’t heard it already, we are very excited to announce that Moody is switching to Canvas—a new generation of LMS that is very user-friendly and much easier to navigate than other common learning management systems. Faculty and students alike will find that Canvas simplifies workflows. Simplified workflows means more time for teaching and learning.

What we have observed in reading and viewing accounts from faculty and administrators at other colleges and universities who have switched to Canvas is that the learning curve is not steep. Faculty and students appear to adapt very well to Canvas. Watch the videos and read the comments below to see and hear what faculty and students say about Canvas.

What Others Say About Canvas

UNT Transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas

“The type of feedback we’ve gotten from faculty was that virtually every process required fewer clicks. That’s important. You shouldn’t have to spend all your time trying to figure out what buttons to push.”

Blackboard to Canvas @ Northern Kentucky University

“The learning curve in Canvas is shorter. It’s much more like what the students are used to.”

What Georgetown faculty are saying about Canvas

“The transition was fairly seamless, and it is much more intuitive to use than Blackboard. There are transition costs, but they weren’t very high.”

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