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Things to Retrieve from Blackboard

Once our contract with Blackboard ends, we will no longer have access to the Blackboard course environment. That means that we can no longer give faculty access to content from recent courses or course archives. If there is a campus-based course you have taught in the past that you know is now archived (any course that isn’t currently available to you in Blackboard), please contact ITS so that the course can be added back to Blackboard.

When we go to retrieve a course archive, we only can only search for course IDs, so please include the following information to help make the retrieval process more efficient:

  • the course name
  • the course ID (e.g., TH1110)
  • the course section
  • the semester the course was taught (e.g., Fall 2005)
  • You should go to each of your courses as soon as possible to gather any content you will need to create your course in Canvas. If you only need to download course documents, you can do so by going to the Content Collection area of your course. From there, choose the items you want to get and use the “Download Package” functionality to download a ZIP package—this can be easily loaded into Canvas.

If you need to collect announcements, assignments, quizzes or tests) and question banks, or discussion forums use the “Export” functionality in Blackboard to create an export package. The export package can be uploaded to Canvas.

If you need to download student assignment submissions, use the “Assignment Download” function. This is accessed from the column drop-down menu, and a ZIP file will be created when the download is complete.

Also, download the Grade Center and anything else you might need from each of your courses in case you need to resolve a grade dispute.

If you need any assistance in doing any of these things, contact the ITS Support Center at

“Before You Migrate Courses From Blackboard to Canvas” is a helpful resource compiled by an ITS person from another school. It helps you visualize what migrating your course from Blackboard to Canvas will look like and provides some best practices as you set up your Canvas course. “Scratch or Import” is a document that will help you evaluate the best course of action for getting your course into Canvas.

Moody-Created Canvas Video Training

These are videos produced by Moody, not Canvas. Included is the training session with our trainer from Canvas (October 9 session) and individual how-to videos that are specific to a Moody situation. This link will take you directly to the videos, which are housed in Panopto.

Help Resources from Canvas

Canvas has created excellent resources to help faculty learn how to use Canvas. Use the links below to access them.

Canvas Basics Guide

This guide provides users with answers to "what is" and "where" questions. Use this guide to get acclimated to Canvas.

Canvas Instructor Guide

The Canvas Instructor Guide answers "how" questions. It gives faculty processes for building out a course.

Video Guides

These videos provide an excellent way to learn Canvas processes.

Canvas Community

Canvas Community is a user group for Canvas users. The heading at the top of the sites aptly explains what the site is all about: "Over 448,146 Canvas users sharing, collaborating, and shaping Canvas together" (this number consistently increases). It is split into three main areas—"Find Answers," "Share Ideas," and "Join a Group." Do you want to know a best practice for something you want to do in Canvas? Ask the community. Do you want to bounce an idea of how you might use Canvas off of someone? Ask the community. Be sure to take some time to explore this great resource!

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