Blackboard Maintenance and Outage Information

ITS strives to ensure the proper functioning of the Blackboard system. As with any computer system, it is unreasonable to guarantee 100 percent reliability; however, in the case of a disruption of service, ITS will work diligently to restore access to Blackboard in a timely manner.

Planned Outages

Blackboard is unavailable from 5–6:30 a.m. every Monday for routine system maintenance. Should it be necessary to take Blackboard offline for any reason outside this standard maintenance window, ITS will notify all students and faculty as soon as the outage is planned. This notification will be sent via e-mail to all students' "" e-mail accounts. It will also be posted as a system announcement within Blackboard. Individual e-mail announcements will also be sent to undergraduate and graduate administration in Chicago, Spokane, Michigan and Distance Learning.

Unplanned Outages

Unplanned Blackboard outages can be reported to ITS at any time by calling (312) 329-4001 and pressing option "2" at the voicemail prompt. This will trigger a page to ITS technicians, who will respond immediately to bring the system back online. In the event that Blackboard will be offline for one hour or more, ITS will notify users according to the same procedures outlined above. When Blackboard is brought back online, ITS will send another notification to the same users. The notice will include the time frame of the outage and the services affected, and will be sent regardless of the duration of the outage. If the outage occurred after normal business hours, this notice will be sent on the next business day.

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