ITS Support Center

The Support Center serves as the first point of contact for anyone seeking services from ITS. Technicians are available via walk-in, phone or e-mail to provide technical support to customers. Among services offered:

  • Wireless support
  • Student printing
  • Basic hardware/software troubleshooting
  • Case creation for issues that need to be escalated to higher levels of support

The Sweeting Service Desk also offers paid services including: 

  • Laminating
  • Media duplication
  • Audio/visual equipment rental


Popular Services

Wireless Access

Chicago Campus 

To connect to wireless throughout Chicago campus, use the mbiwireless wireless network and log in using your myMoody username and password. For detailed instructions, please select the document below most appropriate to you:

Students & Staff       Guests

Windows 8 and 10

Windows 7

Mac OS


iPhones & iPads



24-hour Guest

Conference Guest

Spokane Campus

Spokane students and staff can connect to the mbiwireless network using the instructions above. Because Bradford software is not used on the Moody Spokane network, those steps can be skipped.

Connection Problems? 

If you experience difficulties after following the above instructions, please contact the ITS Support Center at (312) 329-4067. If you are in Chicago, you can also visit a service desk on Crowell 3 or Sweeting 1 for assistance.

Student Printing

Student printing on the Chicago and Spokane campuses is done through Papercut, Moody's prepaid printing system. Prior to printing, funds must be added to a student's Papercut account. Students can print directly from a lab computer or they can upload their document to Papercut using the webprint option. Jobs sent through webprint are released at a lab printer with the student's fob within 24 hours of uploading. 

Funds may be added to a student’s printing account online with a credit/debit card or with cash at the Sweeting Service Desk. Funds can also be transferred from one student’s account to another.

Printing Charges

Customers are responsible for all print jobs generated from their personal accounts. Single-sided printing costs are as follows (per sheet of paper):

  • Black and White: $0.05/page
  • Color: $0.25/page

Double-sided printing counts as two pages and is double the single-sided cost (per sheet of paper)

Unused Funds

After a student leaves Moody, his/her printing account will expire and any unused funds are forfeited. However, a student may transfer remaining funds to another student’s account prior to his/her account expiring. It is the responsibility of the student, and not ITS, to transfer any funds. 

Items for Purchase

Service and Item Prices (Chicago Campus)

The following items are available at the Sweeting Service Desk:

Printing (Service) Cost
Black & White - Singe Sided  $0.05
Color Print - Single Sided   $0.25
8 ½"x11" (Self Service) $1.00
8 ½"x11" (Full Service with Trimming) $2.00
8 ½"x11" (Full Service with Trimming > four cuts) $2.50
Binding Supplies 
Comb Binding - Various Sizes $0.75
Digital Media
CD-R $1.25
DVD+R $1.25
DVD+RW $2.25
Paper Disc Sleeve  $0.25
Flashdrives $4.00
Media Duplication (Service) 
Cassette-to-Cassette Duplication (Audio or VHS) $2.00     
Vinyl Media (Record) to Optical media (CD) $9.00
Cassette (Audio or VHS) to Optical Media (CD or DVD) $9.00
Optical Media Duplication (CD or DVD) $9.00
Duplication to Web Media (link) $11.00
Additional Copies $2.00
Wireless Presentation Remote  $35.00
Mac Adapter (VGA or HDMI) $6.50
AA Batteries (4 pack) $2.00
AAA Batteries (4 pack) $2.00

Media Duplication

ITS offers media duplication services to all customers. Customers can order copies of chapel messages in the ITS archives as well as duplications of their own personal materials. A list of prices and media types is available at the ITS Service Desk. Not all chapel messages are available for duplication due to copyright law.

To request a duplication, the customer must submit a Duplication Request Form to the ITS Service Desk. Payment is due when the request is complete. ITS will make the duplication and notify the customer upon completion. Single-title duplication orders are fulfilled within 9 business days of the request. Larger orders may require more processing time which will be arranged when the order is placed.

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