New Employee Account Request Form

In order to fulfill this request, your new employee will need to be processed through UKG. Please confirm the employee's entrance into UKG and the completion of the HR hiring process.

Requestor Information

New Employee Information

Supervisor Information

A copy of this form will be sent to this person for approval before a case is created. 

Networking Info - EIS

(Enterprise Infrastructure Services)

Shared folder access?
VPN Access?
DropBox Access?
SharePoint Access?
Does the user need UCB access?

Application Info - EA

(Enterprise Applications)

Oracle Applications

Oracle Campus Solutions (CS)?


CS's Contributor Relations module?


Oracle Budgeting Cloud?
Oracle Financials Cloud?
Salesforce EDA?
Salesforce NPSP?


Other Applications

Hardware Info - CTS

Client Technology Services

Device Information

Will a new device be needed?

If yes, please complete the ITS Purchase Request Form when you are finished with this one. Click here to open this form in a new tab. Otherwise go to > Forms > ITS Purchase Request Form. 

VDI Access

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Will this employee need VDI access?

Profile Specifications


Please visit our article on Account Provisioning and Permissions.


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