Device Security

Tips for keeping your device secure:

  • Treat your device as more valuable than cashLaptops, smartphones, tablets, and wearables are expensive! But even more so, our devices store important personal and even financial information on them, which is the more valuable part of your device. So keep a watchful eye on your device - even more than you would a stack of cash.
  • Lock your device. Whether you're using device in a trusted, well-known place or not, ensure that your device is secured. Consider purchasing a laptop security cable, or keep it secure in your bag or on your person, making it as difficult as possible to steal.
  • Consider transportation. When carrying your device such as a laptop, it may not be wise to carry it in a laptop bag - that would advertise what's inside. Consider using a backpack, a padded briefcase, or a suitcase instead. No matter the device, be careful not to advertise what may be inside to potentially entice criminals.
  • Do not leave your device for any amount of time. It only takes a second for a criminal to steal your device. No matter how comfortable you may feel, keep your device within a safe distance of you, in line of sight, or on your person at all times.
  • Enable passcodes on your device. While it may be inconvenient at first, you will get used to entering your passcode on your device before each use. This will prove helpful in the case that your device gets stolen. The criminal will not be able to access your device, and it will potentially give you enough time to locate your device through services such as Find My iPhone if they are enabled as well.
  • Use location services. By enabling location services that will allow you to locate your device remotely using services such as Find My iPhone or a "lo-jack" program that will report the location of your stolen device once it's connected to the internet. This will be extremely useful in dialoguing with the proper authorities to retrieve your device.

Where to turn for help:

In the event that your device is stolen, report it immediately to the local authorities. If it's your business device that has been stolen contact the ITS Support Center at (312) 329-4067. If it's your personal device and you fear that your information may be misused by an identity thief, visit the FTC's Identity Theft Page for more instructions.

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