Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What is MFA?

MFA is an additional layer of protection beyond your password. It significantly decreases the risk of a hacker accessing your online accounts by combining your password (something you know) with a second factor, like your mobile phone (something you have). Stronger authentications methods must be put in place as cybercriminals employ more sophisticated methods to access account credentials. A majority of the most popular websites have made MFA available for their account security. For direction on how to enable this key feature, please visit 2FA  or Lock Down Your Login (while these resources may prove helpful, they are not in any way associated with Moody Global Ministries). This guide will help you to enable MFA on your Moody account.

Why Should I Use MFA?

Moody is now requiring all VPN users to use our MFA solution because it's easy, it protects your identity, keeps your account safe, and it stops hackers from gaining access to your personal information and Moody's network.


Introducing Duo

Duo is our safe, secure, and easy to use MFA solution. 

Setting up Duo to authenticate your Moody account can be accomplished in a few simple steps. To get set up, please visit to get started. If you have issues with any part of the set up, please take a look at these instructions from Moody or these instructions directly from Duo. If these resource do not help, please call the ITS Support Center at (312) 329-4067.


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