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Classroom Technology

Smart Desks

All classrooms on the Chicago campus are equipped with Smart Desks. Each Smart Desk is configured with the minimum of a data projector, document camera, DVD player, VCR, laptop network connections, speaker(s), audio amplifier, auxiliary audio and video inputs, confidence monitor and lighting controls for over the screen. The Smart Desk is run via an LCD master control panel that sits on each desk. 

The Smart Desk in Alumni Auditorium (Chicago campus) can be set to the center of the stage and includes a sound system. If you will be teaching in Alumni Auditorium, contact the ITS Support Center Desk for special training.

Download the help sheet below for assistance with Smart Desks:

Preaching/Teaching Classrooms

Seven classrooms on the Chicago campus are equipped as “Preaching Classrooms.”

  • Fitzwater 203
  • Fitzwater 205
  • Fitzwater 206
  • Sweeting 328
  • Sweeting 335
  • Sweeting 343
  • Sweeting 349

Each of them are set up to record video and audio of a person giving a presentation at the front of the classroom. (The recording equipment in Fitzwater is in room 204.) Download the following help sheet for assistance with using the recording equipment in these rooms.

Download "Preaching Lab Recording Instructions.(pdf)

Collaborative Classrooms

Collaborative classrooms are designed to facilitate teaching styles that focus on group learning and student engagement. Moody currently has one collaborative classroom in Chicago (Fitzwater 401) and one in Spokane. These rooms have wheeled desks that can be easily configured to fit a variety of classroom activities, and the desk surface is large and flat enough to easily hold a laptop. The Chicago classroom is also equipped with Apple TV, which allows for the instructor to display content wirelessly from an iPad. This frees the instructor to move throughout the room rather than being tied to the lectern or smart desk. ITS expects to have additional collaborative classrooms available in the future.

Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology Support

The Instructional Technology group supports the teaching learning environment at Moody. This includes troubleshooting issues with the learning management system and related applications, providing training sessions and help resources for course technologies, and researching new technologies for possible adoption.


Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams. These exams can be printed or be directly imported to Blackboard. Exams also can be created in any word processing program and be saved as a .txt file and be imported to Respondus for importation to your Blackboard course. Access the resources below to learn more about using Respondus.


If you have questions, please contact the ITS Support Center Desk at ext. 4001 or


Foliotek is an e-portfolio application used by some programs at Moody. Because of how it is licensed, only the programs for which Foliotek has been purchased may use it. Heads of other programs that would like to adopt Foliotek must contact ITS to work through the licensing process.

Except for the two help resources below, all support is provided by Foliotek. All questions should be directed to them at 888-365-4639 or

How Students Access Foliotek (docx)
How to Create a Foliotek Link in Your Course (docx)

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